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Upgrade Assurance

Upgrade Assurance provides you with peace of mind.  When major upgrades are released of the software you purchased, you will receive them for free during your Upgrade Assurance period.  A major upgrade would include, for example, updates from version 2.2 to version 3.0.

You may purchase multiple years of Upgrade Assurance.  Everything in your shopping cart during the time of purchase will be covered.

Minor upgrades or "point releases" are automatically included when you purchase a Blue Squirrel product whether or not you have Upgrade Assurance.  Upgrades from 3.1 to 3.2 for example are free and are automatically performed by the Instant Update system built into Blue Squirrel products.

Products not covered by Upgrade Assurance:  Staplers, Paper cutters, Delorme Street Atlas, SecureClean, WipeDrive, or other "non-Blue Squirrel" products.

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