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Version 4 - New


  • Predefined Watermarks: Draft, Final, Confidential,etc..
  • Create your own watermarkswith text and graphic elements.
Enhanced Document Support
  • View/Print protected PDFs (requires you to provide an unlocking password.)
  • Page Manager: Select and rearrange pages prior to printing.
Improved Layout Capabilities
  • Page Margins: Set the absolute printable area of your paper.
  • Subbooklets: Print folded books in sections for Perfect Binding and easier folding
  • Apply Watermark: Create virtual Stationary
  • 34 additional layotus
Improved Printer Setup
  • Choose from hardware or software duplexing, or print single-sided layouts only.
  • PDF Workflow Support: Send your ClickBook-processed document(s) to other applications
  • Printer Presets: Savecollections of setting (borders, ColorSync, paper trays, etc...)
Other Features
  • Drag/Drop support for adding png, tiff, jpeg images to your jobs list.
  • Custom Pages: Combine test and images to create your own pages. Useful for title pages and chapter dividers.
  • Universal Binary.

Version 3.0.5 - January 20, 2005

  • Rename button to rename a layout in the Layouts window now updates the layout name in the popup menu on the main window.
  • Layouts window, the Layout description was not being updated when a description was not available.
  • Fixed a problem where ClickBook could crash when opening the Layouts window. This occurred mostly in OS 10.2.x.
  • Added two HP LaserJet printers to the Easy Setup list.
  • Fixed a problem introduced into 3.01, where an error -30879 could be returned when printing.
  • Fixed a problem where using the Page Setup menu item to change the currently selected Layout (specifically, the Layout's name) would lead to a crash.
  • Added an "upgrade detection" feature to automatically repoint the "Open PDF with ClickBook" alias to the new version.

Version 3.0.0 - December 2004

  • Major release - OS X Support.
  • New Layouts - over 30 new layouts to choose from.
  • Layout Descriptions - displays a short explanation for the selected Layout at the bottom of the Layouts.
  • Import/Export Layouts from other platforms.
  • Choose Metric or US units. New and improved interface.
  • Printer Setup Wizard - simple process to setup printers to work with ClickBook.
  • Avery Labels - addition of Avery's top label formats.
  • PDF document support - save as PDF or print as PDF.

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