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Heavy Duty Stanley Bostitch Staplers
This are not lightweight staplers. Both are all-steel construction. Whichever you choose, it will probably be the last stapler you'll ever buy. We sell these staplers because they work with ClickBook folded books to staple, bind or "saddle-stitch" as its called in the industry.

We prefer the long-reach because it is more versitile. Either one will work as a regular stapler on your desk. The long-reach has a spring-loaded adjustable stop, so you can set the perfect staple distance for any size book.

Discount Heavy Duty Stanley Bostitch booklet Stapler.
Discount Heavy Duty Stanley Bostitch Long Reach Stapler.
Stanley Bostitch
Booklet Stapler

$39.95 Click here to purchase discount Heavy Duty Stanley Bostitch booklet Stapler.
Stanley Bostitch
Long Reach Stapler

$39.95 Click here to purchase discount Heavy Duty Stanley Bostitch Long Reach Stapler.
  • Heavy duty stapler uses standard staples.
  • Fasten up to 25 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper.
  • Designed specifically for centerline stapling.
  • Excellent for binding pamphlets and brochures.
  • All metal construction.
  • Saddle shape for easy alignment of your folded booklet.
If you find it tough to staple a 5-20 page ClickBook booklet then you'll love this fancy black Stanley Bostitch B440SB stapler. It includes all the bells and whistles you need to easily staple booklets, wallet books, address books, and more. Simply fold your booklet and slide it onto the sturdy metal saddle for precise centerline stapling every time.

  • Handles booklets up to 24 " in total length (12" arm).
  • Full strip stapler loads 210 standard staples.
  • Industrial stapler staples up to 25 sheets of paper.
  • Floating core prevents staple jams.
  • All metal construction with adjustable paper stop with English and metric rulers.

For those of you that are always trying to staple something in those hard-to-reach places, this Stanley Bostitch B440LR stapler lets you go up to 12 inches in length. Its adjustable paper stopper makes it easy to set up stapling parameters. It also has rubber feet, so you don't have to worry about it moving around on you.

Heavy duty Stanley Bostitch office staplers include a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE!

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