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Brochure Printing - ClickBook Software for Windows!
Print custom tri-fold, tri-flip and booklet brochures. Sample brochure templates included.

ClickBook, brochure software, prints custom brochures from Internet, Windows, or CD-Rom files! ClickBook, helps you scale and rotate digital photos, e-mails, documents, favorite on-line content, or other critical information into brochures.

How to make a brochure:
Forget about spending hundreds of dollars to hire a printer. Use ClickBook's sample templates to easily create stunning brochures for work, school, church, or at home.
Use ClickBook to print your computer files as brochures of many sizes and shapes.

  • Uses any standard inkjet or laser printer.
  • Print any size brochure. You specify the exact size and ClickBook will optimize to use the least paper to make the booklet.
  • Design brochures for travel, real estate, church bulletins, school assignments, work gatherings, meetings, and product promotions.
  • Print graphics, photos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages, and anything else you can dream of.
  • Sample brochure templates

ClickBook For Windows Buy: $49.95
Click here to buy booklet printing software ClickBook for Windows!
Free Clickbook Trial for Windows Click here to download a trial version of booklet printing software ClickBookfor Windows.

How does ClickBook work?
ClickBook works much like a print driver. ClickBook intercepts pages going to laser or inkjet printers and automatically rotates, reduces and realigns pages into the correct order to create double-sided brochures. ClickBook even prints an instruction sheet showing exactly how to reinsert paper for double-sided printing.

Use ClickBook to print your computer files as brochures of many sizes and shapes.

Purchase it today, download, and begin using it today.

Need your ClickBook brochures to be waterproof? Check out our waterproof paper for laser printers.

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