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Print to iPad with ClickBook for Windows (But I have a Mac)
Don't look stupid carrying sheafs of paper - print to your iPad like a piece of paper.

Anything you can print, you can take with you on your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle.

Use it for maps, directions, statements, books, articles, coupons, news, etc.

Have it with you, even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Print to iPad
How it works: You print to 'iPad' from any Windows application. An e-mail shows up on your iPad with the pages attached. You can read them from there, but if you want the pages available when you have no Internet connection, just tap on the pages and choose 'Open in iBooks' and they'll be stored in iBooks and available when you need them.

Take a minute and set it up one time.

One time steps to make the 'iPad' printer on your PC:
  1. Install the newest ClickBook (even the free trial)
  2. Windows XP Only: Start->All Programs->ClickBook and launch 'ClickBook'
  3. Windows Vista and Windows 7 Only: Start->Programs->ClickBook and right-click on 'ClickBook' and choose 'Run as Administrator'
  4. Once ClickBook starts, choose File->'Configure Quick Click Printers'
  5. Hit [New] and type 'iPad'
  6. Set the Layout to '1-Up (FAX) Portrait'
  7. Set the Physical Printer to 'ClickBook PDF Option'
  8. Select 'EMail to' and set the e-mail address for your iPad.
  9. Set 'Subject' to 'Printed to my iPad with ClickBook'
  10. Hit [Save and Close]
Steps to print to your iPad:
  1. Open any printable document on your PC.
  2. Choose File->Print, choose the 'iPad' printer and hit [OK] or [Print].
Steps read it on your iPad:
  1. Open e-mail on your iPad and open the message.
  2. Open the PDF to view it.
  3. Tap on the icon in the upper-right to send the PDF to iBooks to keep it handy even when you don't have access to your e-mail.
Steps for iPad - Installing the free iBooks reader:
If you don't already have iBooks (free) on your iPad, follow these steps.
  1. Open AppStore on your iPad
  2. Hit 'Categories' at the bottom
  3. Search for 'iBooks' in the search in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Click on [Free] for iBooks to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Can I print to different iPads?
Yes, repeat setup instruction and set a different e-mail address for each one, and a different printer name like 'iPad (Bob)'

Can I print to an iPhone?
Yes, follow the same instructions, but set printer name to 'iPhone'

How do I print to the iPad in one click?
Set the 'iPad' printer to be your default printer in your Control Panel, and use the print icon in MS Word, or CTRL-P in most other programs.

From which programs can I print?
Any program. Just choose File->Print... and choose the 'iPad' printer.

Can I print to an Android tablet?
Yes, the same steps will work, except you'll open the e-mail attachment on your Android device with a different PDF viewer.

Can I print to a Kindle?
Yes. First set up your Kindle e-mail address, and then use that e-mail address and change the printer name to 'Kindle'. Note: Don't forget to allow the incoming (from) e-mail address.

Can I print to a friend's or spouse's iPad or Kindle?
Yes, you just need their e-mail address, and set up a printer named 'Friends iPad'. To print to their Kindle, you need their address and have them add your e-mail address to their accepted list.

ClickBook seems to e-mail through Outlook, but I use XYZ for e-mail. Will this still work for me?
Yes, in ClickBook, choose Tools->Options, then the [EMail Settings] tab and enter your ISPs e-mail settings.

Will this work on a Mac?
These instructions are for the PC. We have a solution for the Mac.

Print to iPad

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