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ClickBook Top Uses
  • Recipes & Coupons as Wallet Books.
  • Create Bookmarks and Door Hangers with poetry, rules, or chores listed on them.
  • Children's Book Filled With To-Do Lists, Chores, Games, Coloring Pages, And Puzzles, Gathered From Web Pages.
  • Photos, Real Estate Listings, Maps, Contacts, and Calendars as day planner pages.
  • Party Invitations, Thank You Notes, And Greeting Cards.
  • Print Cd Cover Lists For Music Files, Photos, & Genealogy.
  • Print canned food jar labels, kids labels, and persoanl return address labels.
Do-it-yourself Publishing From Your Home

Fast, Easy Cards & Brochures
  • CD Case inserts for demo cd's, and archive files.
  • Print product literature, press kits, or menus for restaurants into handy tri-folds.
  • Business cards or return address labels.
  • Software documentation as booklets of any size.
  • Print presentations as flip books.
  • Contacts & calendars, and tasks as planner pages.

  • Sermons into professional looking booklets for members to easily follow along, or those who are hearing impaired, and others who are unable to attend.
  • Calendar of Events, & activities into wallet books for members.
  • Church Directories into professional looking booklets for distribution to members.
  • Sunday Scripture Verses onto small cards with announcements on the back.
  • Study Lessons, Menus & invitations for parties & meetings.
  • Handouts to keep children busy during adult sessions.
  • Fill-in-the blank study lessons.
Useful Handouts And Worksheets
"I print out full text copies of my sermons. I started using them for our deaf ministry, handing them out in advance so as to augment the "signing" that was done. Soon others found out about them and were asking to receive copies. We now provide about 1/3 of our congregation with printed copies of the sermons. We also mail them out to people who cannot attend or who have moved and requested to be put on our mailing list."
-Dave Redick, active minister of the Hwy 20 Church of Christ in Oregon

More information and pricing on our educational software, ClickBook.
  • Develop pride in students, let them turn their writings into published books.
  • Present different shapes and sizes of booklets to students to make reading fun.
  • Print Web pages, notes, stories, ebooks, assignments, etc. as booklets to save paper, and to prevent children from losing papers.
  • Create Bookmarks or Door hangers with assignments, poetry, or for memorization.
  • Print Certificates and miniature awards, name tags, & invitations for events.
"As part of our Classroom Publishing project, we have used ClickBook to help parent volunteers turn student creative works into mini-books. The program has helped students improve their writing and reading skills. It has also helped them develop a sense of ownership and pride in their works -- works which they then share with teachers and classmates. ClickBook is a wonderful little program. It has been critical to the success of our project, and we highly recommend it!"
-Elaine Woerner, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Co-Chair - Lower School Council of the Parents' Association

ClickBook Tutorials
Click here for step-by-step instructions to print doorknob hangers, bookmarks, stickers, certificates, miniature awards, etc.

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