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Automatic uninstallThe program is removed from the customer's computer when the technician disconnects.
ChatChat online with the customer. If the technician chooses, a chat window appears and the technician can online text chat with the customer to give additional instructions.
Clipboard SupportCopy and paste to/from the customer computer.
DirectThe connection is made directly from the customer to your technician's workstation. There are no third-party servers that can go down, or have reliability problems. No concerns about shady third parties eavesdropping on the conversation.
File TransferThe technician can transfer files either to or from the customer system. This is helpful for sending new components, or downloading diagnostic log files.
Firewall FriendlyThe program is not affected by most firewalls so user is immediately connected without a need to change firewall rules.
Multiple sessionsThe technician can have multiple sessions with multiple customers. This optimizes the technicians time during downloads, or other time consuming processes that may be required on the customer's system.
No user settingsThe customer is automatically connected to the technician without passwords, IP addresses, etc.
One time costDoes not have a monthly or yearly subscription fee like some other solutions, so you don't have to keep paying and paying.
Small downloadThe download is only 688K which downloads quickly even on dial-up system.
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