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Task Management Software, CheckList for Windows
Unlike the many elaborate project management, calendar and personal organizer tools on the market today, Checklist gives you what you need without unnecessary frills. Intentionally designed with a straightforward interface and streamlined functionality, this simple, powerful, flexible program helps you outline what needs to be done so you stay on top of business without missing a step.

ClickBook 9.0 and CheckList Task manager for $49.95 Quick and easy Task manager software, CheckList
CheckList for Windows

Click here to purchase pim software CheckList for Windows.

Click here to download a free trial of pim software CheckList 3.0 for Windows.
CheckList Server
(Requires 2 Client Versions)

$39.95 (Reg. $49.95)
Click here to purchase pim software CheckList Server for Windows!
Click here to download a free trial of pim software Checklist 3.0 for Windows.
  • Maintain a separate list of action items for each project, client or family member.
  • Enter ideas, errands, duties, goals, arranging them into related groups for an efficient workflow.
  • Remember assignment deadlines, organize research, outline papers.
  • Simply check off items as tasks are completed.
  • Combine with ClickBook to print tasks along with emails, contact information, and other research into handy wallet books.
  • Intuitive interface uses a familiar tree outline - expand and collapse branches to see the big picture or view the detailed sub-tasks required along the way.
  • Export task lists to HTML files.
Finally, a slick & quick task manager program! Checklist is a simple yet powerful task management tool that helps you plan projects, prioritize ‘to do’ items, remember responsibilities and record accomplishments. Sitting one click away in your desktop tray, it’s easy to add, edit and check off items in the intuitive ‘task tree’ outline.

For years, people have been tracking tasks with a pen and paper, simply jotting down responsibilities, underlining priorities, adding notes in the margin, and checking off jobs when completed. Why should a computerized version be more complicated than this?

  • Assign tasks and monitor progress across the internet.
  • Share files among colleagues, clients, family and friends.
  • Notify the team when a task has been completed.
  • See who’s working on what – keep an eye on what is on everyone’s plate so that task loads can be delegated fairly.
  • Be aware when project milestones are met, in real-time.
  • Eliminate the need for constant follow-up and status checks – simply assign a task and be notified when it has been completed.
  • Each team member can work on their task lists offline - updated version is published the next time you go online.
  • Built-in web server allows people to view checklists even if they don’t own the client software.
  • Click here for more information.

Checklist Server is an invaluable management tool that allows users of Checklist to publish task lists so that colleagues can review and even add to them.

Task Management meets Instant Messaging--Checklist Server allows you to publish ‘task trees’ across the internet or corporate intranet so multiple users can share information and stay on top of project priorities. Managers can assign tasks to their team and keep abreast of progress as completed items are checked off the list.

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