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WebWhacker 4.0 for Apple Macintosh
A photocopier for the web

Get your piece of the Web! Download entire websites to your computer and take them with you. Read them offline without an Internet connection.

  • Download web pages, including text and images, with the click of one button.
  • View the Internet without an Internet connection. i.e., on a bus, in the car, waiting at the airport, on the airplane, or in a presentation.
  • Stay up-to-date. Monitors and updates you with changes!
  • Schedule unattended content delivery.
  • No more frustrations of dealing with slow access time or site reliability.

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WebWhacker For Mac Resources
Get the most from WebWhacker For Mac with these helpful resources.
WebWhacker for Mac Manual (PDF)

Support (FAQ)

(NOTE: WebWhacker 4.0 for Mac will run on OS X, in Classic Mode Only.)

More Than Just an Offline browser!
Great Features! What's in it for you?
Download web pages to your local storage View the 'Net without an Internet Connection. Readily and easily access your favorite sites. No more time wasted online waiting for pages to load. You don't have to worry about web pages moving or disappearing.
Automatic Scheduler You control what when, where, and how you want WebWhacker to perform a task. WebWhacker will do the work for you while you're off doing more exciting things, like Golfing, Shopping, Sleeping, etc.
Monitor websites WebWhacker will check for changes made to your favorite websites and notify you with any new changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which keeps you up-to-date.
Filtering You can select which file types you want WebWhacker to skip when performing a whack, which allows you to save disk space.

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