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WebWhacker 5.0
Q:  What are the "levels" that WebWhacker refers to?
  Because of the frequency and complexity of this question we have created a page to help out. This page Definition and Explanation of "Levels" gives a Definition and Explanation of "Levels".

Q:  Will WebWhacker perform a task if the PC is not dialed into the Web?
A:  Yes, WebWhacker uses Microsoft's Task Scheduler to automatically execute scheduled tasks, such as, whacking, and Link Checking. WebWhacker uses Microsoft's Task Scheduler to dial-in for you if you are not on a LAN connection. If you do not have the Microsoft Task Scheduler installed on your machine, WebWhacker's scheduling feature will not work.

Q:  Will WebWhacker 2000 save my whacked pages as files?
A:  Yes. WebWhacker 2000 will save any sites you wish to whack or link Check. By default, those sites will be located in a folder within the WebWhacker 2000 directory. The files will be located in which ever folder was selected when you performed the action.

Q:  Does WebWhacker support CGI, ASP, and Frames?
A:  Yes. WebWhacker supports CGI, ASP and Frames. However, it does not grab the CGI or ASP scripts, it will only grab what the server returns when the server executes the script.

Q:  Can I whack or link check sites that require a username and password?
A:  Yes, you can whack or link check sites that require user authentication through a pop-up dialog. To do so, enter the desired username and password in the WebWhacker URL, Properties...Authentication section.

WebWhacker will not work with sites that display a page for you to enter your username and password; it will only work with a pop-up dialog.


Q:  Can WebWhacker Filter out certain types of files?
A:  Yes, WebWhacker can filter out many file types, such as, exe., zip, pdf, mov., avi, mpg, mp3, etc. Electing to filter out certain file types will make the whacking of pages faster. When you Add or Grab a web page and go through the URL Subscription wizard enter the file types you wish to filter out in step 3. Or you can highlight a URL that you've already Subscribed to and select Properties from the URL menu and click on the Filters tab.

Q:  What can I print in WebWhacker?
A:  Within WebWhacker you can elect to print the following ways: Print only selected item (1 level) or Print entire tree of selected item (all levels). To print the entire website select the second option. Once you've elected to print the entire tree you can select whether you want to print the Table Of Contents and/or Index. We highly recommend that you use ClickBook in conjunction with WebWhacker to print entire websites, because you can print your favorite website(s) in a booklet format of your choice. Not only do you have 20 different layouts to pick from, but just think of all the paper you will save! You can cut your paper usage in half if not more by printing with ClickBook.

Q:  What is "Always browse remote links"? When should I have it turned on and when should I have it turned off?
A:  When you are using WebWhacker while online to whack pages, you want to be able to "pass through" WebWhacker to access the Web. If you only want to view the whacked (remote) pages offline then select "Always brose remote links" in WebWhacker under Tools / Options... on the View tab. If you want to browse both remote and local websites while in WebWhacker then deselect "Always browse remote links".

Q:  What level of Whack Performance is the best for me?
A:  We recommend that you leave the level set at 8, which is the default setting. If you have a high performance machine (anything faster than a Pentium 166) then feel free to turn the level up. If you notice that turning the level up causes WebWhacker or other Applications on your desktop to run slower please turn the level down.

Q:  How do I purchase WebWhacker 2000 for Windows?
A:  Follow this link to:

Q:  Does Webwhacker capture sites built using vignette and/or cold fusion?

A:  Yes.

It is perfect for getting the end result of a database-driven web-site.


Q:  Can I resume web whacker once I have stopped it?
A:  Sorry, but you will need to start over. Search cannot be resumed once you hit the stop button.

Q:  The site filter can not be edited and it only goes 2 levels
eg This is not suitable - at least 3 levels are needed eg. to stay within a site. 2 levels may be fine for USA, but what about the rest of the world? ( is treated as a site which is equivalent in the USA to treating .gov or .com as a site!!)

A:  The site filter does use the first two parts of the domain. If you need more specific control, for example, then use the URL filter.

Choose the site and right-click and choose Properties. Choose the Filters tab.

Choose "URL of Document"
Choose "Documents that match this filter should be" "Kept"
Leave "Filter is case sensitive" unchecked
Put in the domain to be matched. In this example ""
Choose "Match documents with types that:" "Contain the above text"

This will set up a filter that keeps WebWhacker in the domain.


Q:  I own WebWhacker 3.2 how do I upgrade to version 5.0?
A:  Follow this link to purchase the upgrade for $24.95. Or call 801-352-1551 or 800-403-0925. You'll need to enter your existing VIP key to get the upgrade price.

Q:  I am looking for a tool that can "webwhack" a site that is SSL-encrypted. (I assume WebWhacker can do that?)

In addition, we have a userid/pw that protects the "private" content of our Corporate site. How can I get WebWhacker to enter the userid/pw in order to authenticate to the site?

A:  Yes, WebWhacker can handle both. The encryption (SSL) and the authentication (password) are separate, but WebWhacker does handle both of them.

It will automatically use SSL if the url is https://

To set the name, password, add the URL and then the second step in the subscription wizard gives you a chance to add a name/pwd.

If the name password is a standard pop-up (server authentication) then it should work fine. If the name/pwd is built into the pages, then it will not work, as WebWhacker doesn't know how to send the name/pwd in those cases.


Q:  What are the differences between WebWhacker and Grab-A-Site?
A:  Because of the frequency of this question we have created a couple of pages to help out.
This page discusses the basic Differences between WebWhacker and Grab-a-Site. If you need more help deciding which of these two offline browsers is right for you, check out our Offline Browser Easy Decision Wizard.


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