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WebWhacker 5.0
Q:  My toolbar takes up 2 rows, how can I make it smaller?
  You have 2 options to make your toolbar fit on one row. Either take some of the buttons off the toolbar (by selecting them and dragging them off). Or you can make the buttons appear smaller by de-selecting Large Buttons in the Customize Toolbar tab under the Tools menu.

Q:  How come my Scheduler won't work?
A:  WebWhacker uses Microsoft's Task Scheduler to perform scheduled tasks. Please ensure that you have Microsoft's Task Scheduler installed on your machine, which comes with Internet Explorer 4.01, 5.0, Microsoft Plus 9x, and Windows 98. The easiest way to install the Task Scheduler is to download the Internet Explorer 5.0 browser. Click here to install the Microsoft Scheduler. If you elect to install Internet Explorer 5.0 browser please ensure that you select to download the System Agent during the installation process.

Q:  I set the scheduling option on my subscribed URL and WebWhacker did not perform the task?
A:  To Schedule a task you must first enable the Scheduling. With the Url selected choose URL, Properties and the Scheduler tab to define what type of task you would like to perform. Then Select the Folder the Url is contained in, and click on URL, Properties, and specify the time, date and how often you would like to perform the task.

Q:  Where can I see a list of my scheduled WebWhacker tasks?
A:  Open your Microsoft Task Scheduler to view the status of your current scheduled tasks. Please note if you have more than one Url task scheduled in WebWhacker, it will execute them sequentially.

Q:  I ran Link Checker on a site and I can't see the directory tree, just the first page?
A:  Link Checker performed its duties. It will display broken links with red X's on the icon to the left of the Url. If you did not receive any red X's on a list of Url's then the site you link checked does not have any broken Links.

Q:  I ran Link Checker on a site and then elected to Whack the site, but it won't whack the site?
A:  In order to whack the site, you have to grab the Url again and then elect to Whack the site.

Q:  I ran Link Checker on an entire site and it returned several Url's but none of them were marked as broken links with red X's on the left icon?
A:  This could be due to the fact that the site you whacked is a recursive site. A recursive site usually loops all unavailable web pages back to a web page, usually the Home page.

Q:  The information displayed in my browser is different than what WebWhacker returned when I whacked a web page?
A:  Some web servers look at your computer and determine which browser you're running to feed your computer information. Therefore, the information returned by the web server could be different if you're running Internet Explorer versus Netscape Navigator. When you're using WebWhacker, web servers identify the browser as WebWhacker and might not return the information you expected, so you need to specify which browser you want web servers to recognize you as in the Tools, Options, Internet Tab, Web Browser Emulation section.

Q:  Can I transfer WebWhacker 3.2 files into WebWhacker 2000?
A:  There is currently no automatic conversion utility for transferring Whacked content from WebWhacker 3.x to WebWhacker 2000. There is, however, a workaround for users who do not wish to re-Whack the content online. Since WebWhacker 3.x is essentially a proxy server itself, WebWhacker 2000 can be configured to use WebWhacker 3.x as its proxy server. This is done by going to Tools/Options/Proxy in WebWhacker 2000 and enabling remote proxy. For Server specify, for Port specify 8080 (or other if changed in WebWhacker 3.x), and for Type select CERN Compatible Proxy Server. You can then add the subscriptions with their respective levels to WebWhacker 2000 using Url/Add, and WebWhacker 2000 will begin to retrieve the content from WebWhacker 3.x. Remember that WebWhacker 3.x must be running in order for this to work.

Q:  Windows crashed while I was whacking and after starting WebWhacker again I receive "Error opening storage". How can I retrieve these files?
A:  Unfortunately, if WebWhacker is not able to finish whacking a site, it misses a final step writing the index that WebWhacker uses to read the files. The html, image, and other files from the site are intact up to the point of the crash. You can use these files directly, but WebWhacker will not recognize them. To fix the problem:
If the crash happened shortly into the whack, or if you no longer need the site, you can delete the WebWhacker database folder and it will automatically be replaced next time WebWhacker is run. The location of this folder by default is C:\My Documents\WebWhacker.
To retrieve whacked files you will need to remove the unfinished files used for indexing the whacked site. These will be located in the root of the folder used for the whack.
For example, say you are whacking a site stored in the C:\My documents\WebWhacker\Kids folder and the computer freezes. You would need to open that folder and delete all the DBF, CDX and FPT files. (About 15 of them.) Now, go back in WebWhacker, add the site in the same folder again. The Whack will keep the same files and continue on from where it stopped. If you have added more that one site to one folder, you will need to re-whack those also.


Q:  I am getting a Failed initialize Vbox.
What can I do?

A:  You are using a downloaded version of the software downloaded from Two Cows because VBox is the wrapping technology from Two Cows.

You can download the same program from us at (click on Demos) without the VBox technology.


Q:  Does WebWhacker 5.0 follow "Javascript links"?
A:  WebWhacker 5.0 looks for links in JavaScript. If the links are constructed in JavaScript such as: var link = '/dir/' + someotherdir + '/index.htm' then WebWhacker can't follow the link. If the links are a text string such as: var link = '/dir/otherdir/index.htm' then WebWhacker will follow the link.

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