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WebWhacker Education Edition
Q:  How do I purchase WebWhacker Education Edition?
  Follow this link:
or call 801-352-1551 M-F 8am-5pm (MST) or toll- free 800-403-0925 during the same hours.


Q:  I When I push the lookup button I get an error message. Also, when I try to grab a site from the internet, I get to the point where my load it button lights up, but when I go to load the site, I get a message that says the file is empty. Am I doing something wrong or do I have some type of system/installation problem?
A:  This is typically a result of a firewall.

If you know your settings, then you can click on the icon in the upper-left hand corner of the program and then choose Settings. Then choose the "InstantX Settings" tab. Fill in your settings.

If you don't know your settings, go to your IE browser and choose Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings. Copy the information from the Proxy section.


Q:  I lost all my software due to a system failure. How can I download it again and use it?
A:  You can download the demo from our website and re-register it. Your VIP key should be on your manual. If you have lost the manual, you can get your VIP key from Blue Squirrel, but Blue Squirrel will need to verify your purchase.

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