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Click2PDF for Windows
Q:  How do I get support for 602 PrintPack?
  For Online Support visit Software 602 Support
For telephone support please call: 904-642-5400. Fax: 904-565-6024


Q:  How Do I Register 602Pro Print Pack
A:  To register 602Pro PRINT PACK follow these instructions:

1- Download and install 602Pro PRINT PACK (or use an already installed trial copy).
2- Go to Start - Programs - 602Pro PRINT PACK and launch the Registration application. Follow the instruction and use the purchased "Registration Key". Direct Internet Access is required for this step.
3- After your online registration is confirmed, a "License ID" will be sent to your e-mail account.
4- Launch the Registration application to complete the registration process and input your "License ID" into the software.


Q:  When and how do I get my License ID to complete my registration?
A:  After you have registered you will receive a license ID via e-mail within 2-3 hours.
Ensure that you have already taken the first 2 steps.

1 - Install the program from the Internet:
PrintPack 2002
2 - Enter your e-mail and Registration Key.

If you have done that then you should receive a license ID via e-mail.
If you haven't received your License ID please contact Software602 at 904- 356-6020.


Q:  When I use Print2Mail the Colors look washed out, how come?
A:  The colors are not really washed out. The Print2Mail component uses .gif as the default format, and .gif only supports 256 colors.

We recommend that you upgrade to Click2PDF which can handle colors better.


Q:  I reformatted my computer (or reinstalled my operating system) and my key does not work anymore. What do I do?
A:  You'll need to visit Registration Deactivation to reactivate your key.

Q:  How do I return a product for a full refund within thirty days of purchase?
A:  First you must fill out, sign and return the Proof of non-use.
You can find this document at:

If you had a manual or CD sent to you, you must return them.
You may use your Order ID as your RMA number. Write your RMA number on the outside of your package.
If you don't know your Order ID or RMA number, please call (801)352-1551 to obtain one before sending the package.
Packages without an RMA may be refused by the receiving dept.


Q:  How do I make 602Pro PrintPack and ClickBook work together?

  1. Install both ClickBook and 602Pro PrintPack. (When you install 602Pro PrintPack it will automatically install a "Print2PDF" printer.)
  2. Open ClickBook's printer setup dialog, by going to Start/Programs/Blue Squirrel/ClickBook Printer Setup.
  3. Select the "Print2PDF printer from the printer list, then choose Easy Printer Setup.
  4. Choose the Generic Printer, and select OK.
  5. ClickBook has setup a Print2PDF printer.
  6. In the ClickBook Printer Setup dialog box choose the Print2PDF printer, and select Printer Settings. Choose the radio button to activate "Automatic Duplexing" and press OK.
  7. Click Close to save your changes and exit ClickBook.
  8. Open the files you wish to turn into a PDF.
  9. Print each file into ClickBook using the "ClickBook Print2PDF" printer.
  10. Once you have your files in ClickBook, select a TILE layout, and press Print. (Tile Layouts: 2- up, 4-up landscape, 4-up potrait, 8-up.)
  11. 602Pro Print Pack will open. Select a Name and storage location, and press OK.


Q:  When I finally hit save to save the pdf, it does not allow me to save to a particular folder-some general area. After it saves, I can not find the PDF file, why? How do I select where to save the files?
A:  The problem that you are having, is that Click2PDF is trying to find the Default My Documents directory, unfortunately on Windows 2000 and XP there are multiple My documents directory.

1- Open Click2PDF as a standalone application.
2- Go to Tools> Options.
3- From the Options window, Make sure that AutoSave and AutoName are unchecked (disabled), then click O.K.
4- Close Click2PDF

Now print a document to the Click2PDF printer, and click the Save button.

This should now prompt you for a location to save the file to.

You may want to browse to the proper My Document directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[your user id]\My Documents

This will now become your default location for saving PDF files.


Q:  Everytime a PDF is created it defaults to saving it under a hidden "system" profile named "LocalService". If we try to select the Desktop it displays an error message that we can't do that (even though the user is in the admin group). If I use "show Hidden System files" I can get to the LocalService folder and create a shortcut to that desktop but that is a poor workaround. What do I need to change so this will allow the user to easily choose where to save the file?
A:  Click2PDF is trying to find the Default My Documents Directory, however it finds the Local Service My Documents directory instead of the Users My Document directory.

When you go to save the document, you will need to browse to the proper 'My Documents' folder for the user of that machine.

After you have browsed and saved a PDF file to the proper directory, that directory becomes the default directory for saving the PDF files.

We apologize for the inconvience

Blue Squirrel


Q:  I installed the eval, but when I save a pdf, it is blank...Am I doing smoething wrong? The C@PDF screen shows the data, but it doesnt convert to a readable PDF.
A:  Let's uninstall and resinstall Click2PDF.
1- Go to the Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.
2- Uninstall Blue Squirrel Click2PDF.
3- Restart your computer.
4- Delete the Click2PDF Program Directory, usually located at C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Click2PDF

After you have removed Click2PDF, go to:

Reinstall Click2PDF and setup the Click2PDF printer.

Now let's test this version of Click2PDF.
1- Go to your printers folder.
2- Right click on the Click2PDF printer and go to properties.
3- From the Click2PDF printer properties, click on the Print Test Page button. This should open the Click2PDF program.
4- From Click2PDF go to Options> and check the option 'Check if No Text is appearing on the PDF files'
5- Click O.K.
6- Save the file as a PDF file.

NOTE: This new conversion process may take longer, and it creates a larger file.
Reason for this is it is using an image to convert the document


Q:  When I save my PDF document to the desktop or my documents or anyplace else, I cannot see them. They are hidden and I don't know why.
How do I get them to show up so that I can move them around.
Thank you - Carol

A:  Carol,

The problem that you are having is that Click2PDF is trying to find your default My Documents, unfortunately it finds the wrong one.

To resolve this issue follow these steps:
1- Print your document to Click2PDF.
2- Click Save.
3- From the Save In window, click on the drop down arrow and select your 'C:' drive.
4- From your C: Drive, double click on 'Document and Settings
5- From Documents and Settings double click on your 'Userid'
6- From your Userid, double click on 'My Documents'

This will now save the PDF files to your My Documents directory, under your username.

This will now become the your default save directory.

Blue Squirrel


Q:  When I attempt "save" a PDF File created in Click2PDF, a drop down dialog box defaults to "My Documents" ... which is OK. But when I save the newly created PDF files, I cannot find them in My Documents Folder. They just seem to disappear. Am I doing something wrong?
A:  When the Save As screen opens, click on the drop down arrow for [Sav In], and go to your Local Disk C:\.

NOTE: You may receive a message that it is not available, just click o.k. and continue.

Then go to Documents and Settings, then go to your Login, then My documents.

This will allow you to save the file in the proper directory.

The directory that you select will also become your default save location for Click2PDF.

Blue Squirrel


Q:  My click2pdf stopped working (I have had for about a year) and so tried to reinstall it; even downloading a new version. However when i try to install the printer, I get the message "Specified module cannot be found"

What do i do?

A:  Grant,

To get past this issue, let's manually install the Click2PDF printer.

1- Go to your printers folder.
2- Click on the 'Add Printer' icon.
3- Install the printer as a Local Printer (LPT1)
4- When prompted to select the manufacturer and printer, click on 'Have Disk'
5- Browse to the the Drivers folder in the ClickBook program directory. Usually located at C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Click2PDF\Driver.
6- Select the available INF file and click Open.
7- When asked to Name your Printer, name the printer: Click2PDF Printer
8- Finish the steps in the Wizard.

Now let's make sure that the Print Processor is set correctly.
1- Right click on the Click2PDF Printer, from your printers folder, and go to properties.
2- From the Click2PDF printer properties click on the Advanced tab.
3- From the Advanced Click2PDF printer properties, click on the Print Processor button.

The Print Processor for the Click2PDF printer needs to be set to:
- NT EMF 1.008


Q:  ere seems to be a MAJOR omission in Click2 Poster, and that is that you presume the entire world prints on 8.5"x11" paper. In fact most of the world prints on ISO paper sizes.

The upshot of this and the fact there seems no way to set a default paper size in C2P is that firstly the tiling is inaccurate as the tiles are too short for my A4 paper and a bit too wide, and worse, my Epson printer likes to stop - twice - for EVERY page (tile) and advise me that the selected paper size is wrong and do I want to cancel the print.

It does'nt do this terribly quickly liking to have a long think before giving me the error and there seems no what to get to the Epson print drive from within C2P and tell it to ignore page size errors.

The resilt is pages print, but it becomes a long slow labourious process with lots of mouse click to reassure the Epson it really is okay to keep going and yes I really would like to see the job, preferably today!

Is there something you can do to allow default page siges in C2P. This would cure both the tile size and printer issues in one go.


A:  Lain,

The poster maker is based on US Letter 8.5 x 11 (as you have noticed)

There is no GUI to change the paper size, however you may be able to change an INI setting.

To do this change a setting in the layout file *.cbl

open it as a text file

under the layout= add PAPER(5) for legal size paper
PAPER(1) is letter
PAPER(3) is tabloid
PAPER(4) is ledger
PAPER(6) is half sheet
PAPER(9) is A4


Blue Squirrel


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