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ClickBook for Windows (All)
Q:  How can I get my Table of Contents page numbers to align vertically?
  When generating a Table of Contents page, use spaces between the titles and page numbers instead of dot or dash leaders. Another solution is to select a No Scaling layout; however, this requires the reformatting of your document to fit correctly on the booklet size mini-page.

Q:  How do I get right justified text to print correctly?
A:  Select a No Scaling layout; however, this requires the reformatting of your document to fit correctly on the booklet size mini-page. For more information, click on the Help tab, select About ClickBook, and scroll down the Help Index to select No Scaling. Right justified text does not have any special characteristics other than extra spacing to align it at the right edge. When the text and extra spacing get scaled the result does not always have a consistent right edge from line to line. There is no way to completely prevent this so either turn-off right justification or use a No-scaling layout in ClickBook.

Q:  How do you print to a file?
A:  This feature is useful if you want to print to a printer that is not connected to your computer. If you do not already have a driver for the destination printer installed, you will need to do so and set it up to be used with ClickBook.

Connect the non-ClickBook printer you want to use to the port named "FILE:" (If you need information on how to do this, please consult your Windows documentation). In your application program, print your document to the printer that's now connected to "FILE:". At the prompt, enter a filename for the first print file for the first side. If the destination printer has duplexing, you can enable the ClickBook option to "Use Printer's duplexing" and you will have only one print file. When the front side has printed to the file, you can click the Print Second Side button right away, since there is no paper to reinsert. At the prompt, enter a filename for the second print file. When you are ready to print to the printer, take the two print files to the other computer. Print the first-side file. When that file is done printing, reinsert the paper and print the second-side file.


Q:  My regular stapler doesn't work very well for binding my booklets. How can I make my booklets look more professional?
A:  Most normal staplers are too small to use easily on large booklets, or even if they are big enough, it is difficult to line up the staples properly with the spine of the booklet. This can result in less than ideal booklets. The best solution we have found is the Stanley-Bostitch Booklet Stapler. Blue Squirrel offers special pricing on this stapler, as well as the more economical Long Reach Stapler.

We recommend the Long Reach stapler because it works well for different sized books. It also has a stopper that can be pre-set for the middle of the book.


Q:  How can I print multiple Web pages in one booklet?
A:  To print multiple Web pages as one booklet, print each page and let them accumulate in ClickBook. After printing the third booklet, ClickBook won't be brought forward as the active application. When you have finished sending the desired Web pages to ClickBook, then go to ClickBook. Make sure everything is set correctly, then print.

Q:  How do I fix the back pages from printing upside down?
A:  Open up ClickBook, and under the File / Printer Setup dialog, select your printer and click on the Printer Setup button. Here you can select the style of the duplex orientation. If you duplexing is set to Automatic, set it to Reverse. If you print a Side-by-Side book and it is upside-down, or a flip-book and it is upside-down, but the other layout works, then put a checkmark in the "By Layout" setting. You must have the latest version of ClickBook to do this.
Use NotePad or other text editor to edit the CLIKBOOK.INI file that is located in your Windows directory; the default location is in C:\WINDOWS. Locate the line containing your printer model or the closest one to it. Change the last letter right after the equals sign (=). If it is Y change it to N; if it is N change it to Y. If you have a PostScript duplexing printer and this problem persists, edit the CLIKBOOK.INI file and add the following line to the [Global] section: Reverse PS Duplexing=1


Q:  How do I delete Layouts?
A:  You can delete layouts, but first write down the names of each layout you want to delete. Then go to your ClickBook layouts folder in Windows Explorer (right-click on your start Menu & select Explore, and browse to the location where your ClickBook layouts are stored).

In Windows XP, the default location is: C:\Program Files\ClickBook\Layouts. In Windows Vista, and Windows 7, the default location is C:\Users\Public\ClickBook\Layouts

From there, click on the sub -folders to locate the files you wish to delete. Select each name that you wrote down and press delete to get rid of the layouts you don't want.

Starting with ClickBook 13 (MMX), you can delete any layouts you've created by hitting the "Delete" button in Modify Layouts.


Q:  ClickBook printers don't appear in the Printers folder or my application.
A:  Solution:
You need to have the equivalent of Power User or Administrator rights so ClickBook can setup a printer. Contact your System Administratior and have him change your users rights to this. "Full Control" of the printer and "Change" permission on the spool directory.


Q:  Where can I get the ClickBook macros, so that I can use the one-click printing feature in Microsoft's programs?
A:  The ClickBook Macros are included in the latest version of ClickBook.

Q:  ClickBook gives me a page orientation error, how do I fix this?
A:  Follow these steps:

Open ClickBook by going to Start -> Programs -> ClickBook.

Choose Options from the File menu, and mark the Checkbox "Force all pages to have the same orientation". Press OK, and Close ClickBook.

Print your file into ClickBook again.


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