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WebSeeker 6.0 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Q:  I have an older version of WebSeeker. How can I upgrade to the new version?
  Visit and click on the Upgrade link. You will be prompted to enter your VIP key. Once verified, you will be allowed to purchase WebSeeker 6.0 at the low upgrade price.

Q:  When I enter terms on which to search, many of the returned results are so far off that it appears that the keywords I put in were not even used. I sometimes get MP3 files or Webshots URL while searching for Chemical Engineers !

Also, Will you ever consider placing other types of search engines - ie. resumes, industry etc.?

A:  Sometimes the keywords are in the hidden HTML. When you hit view source, it will show them.

Other times, the search engines indexed a page, and then the page contents changed. So at one time the page had your keyword(s).

WebSeeker is designed to solve these search engine shortcomings by re-indexing the results. It takes a bit longer, but if you do a Filter Find, it will grab all the results pages, and re-index them and automatically filter out the pages that don't have your keywords.

You can add your own search engines, and also we will be coming out with Search Engine Extensions that can be plugged-in to WebSeeker to add more search engines.


Q:  Can I automatically start a search in netscape or do I have to go back to webseeker?
A:  NETSCAPE: If you want to type in the keywords then you must open WebSeeker to start a search. If you find keywords while browsing you can select them, and click on the FindNow bird icon located in the system tray in Windows. This will automatically start WebSeeker and perform a search. IE: If a user is using IE, then the search option will become WebSeeker. A user can type in text in the search box, and WebSeeker will begin or select text and right click, and choose Search with WebSeeker.

Q:  How can I get WebSeeker to start without using the 'wizard'?
A:  To turn off the wizard, and use the advanced search dialog go to Tools/Options/Searching. Check "Use Advanced Search dialog for starting new searches (instead of wizard)" and press OK to save your changes.

Q:  How can I erase the list in the Quick Search box?
A:  To clear out the Quick Search Box, you'll need to delete the "[Recent Search List]" section from the webskr32.ini file. To locate the webskr32.ini file, I would go to your Start Menu, and select Search or Find (depends on operating system). Then select for Files or Folders, and type in the file name "webskr32.ini".

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