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Snapture for Palm OS
Q:  Snapture captures my text, but doesn't transfer to my palm during a HotSync. How do I fix it?
  Right-click on your HotSync icon and choose "Custom..." and look for Snapture. If it is there then Double-click and make sure it is set to "Synchronize the files" and not "Do Nothing" If Snapture isn't in the Custom Conduit list, then you need to run "PATH\Snapture.exe /u" where PATH is the location of Snapture. This will uninstall the conduit. Then launch Snapture. Snapture will install the conduit when it is run.

Q:  What if I captured some text, and I don't want it on my Palm.
A:  Simple, just right click on the Snapture icon in your tray, and choose "Options..." and then the "File List" tab, and delete the one you don't want to HotSync.

Q:  What if I don't like the first line of what I've captured, and I want to change it so it is easy to find in my Memo or Doc list?
A:  Simple, before you HotSync, just right-click on the Snapture icon (in your tray) and choose the item you want to edit. It will load in notepad, or whatever you have associated with the .txt extension. Edit the first line, save it, and close notepad. When you HotSync, the first line will be used for the Memo title or the Doc name (up to 32 characters max).

Q:  I am on Windows 95 and I am capturing large amounts of text and when I right-click on Snapture to edit, notepad can't handle the large text files. What can I do?
A:  Notepad has a size limitation in Windows 95, 98 and ME. Get a better text editor than notepad. We recommend "notpad" Then associate your .txt file extension with the new program. Do this by going to Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and choosing Tools/Folder Options/File Types and finding the .TXT extension and changing the program that goes with it.

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