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BlueSync for Palm OS
Q:  How does it work?
  When you HotSync, the conduit will communicate with the BlueSync application on your handheld to determine which files have been added, deleted or changed. Then BlueSync will synchronize those files with the PC.

The synchronization goes both ways. You can change files on the PC or on the handheld and the most recent changes will go onto both the PC and the handheld.


Q:  What does the PC application do?
A:  The PC application that you run provides an easy way to get to the PC directories, a way to register the program, and a way to update the program with Blue Squirrel's InstantUpdate.

Q:  I use a Palm m505. I use BackupBuddy and I am considering BlueSync.
What added benefits do I have if I use your software versus BackupBuddy?

A:  BackupBuddy backs up your main memory. BlueSync backs-up (actually synchronizes) your card.

I use both. BackupBuddy backs up my main memory, but I use BlueSync to back up my card and also to move pictures to my card (copy JPGs to PC) and HotSync them to my card) for viewing with PhotoView (downloadable for free from MGI).


Q:  The conduit wasn't installed in my HotSync.

How do I know which directories on my PC are sychronized with my card?

A:  Make sure the install process completes fully. You may even want to download another copy from Blue Squirrel.

Once you install, you will have to HotSync twice. The first HotSync puts the Palm application on your Palm. The second HotSync will run the conduit. If the conduit did not install, then there was a problem during the install.

Running BlueSync.exe from Start/Programs/Blue Squirrel/BlueSync should install the Conduit if it isn't already installed.

If that isn't working, you need a newer version of the desktop. Download the newest from from PalmSource.

After you HotSync, you run:
Start/Programs/Blue Squirrel/BlueSync and it will show you the PC directories where your files will go. You can then add/remove/edit files in this directory and they will be synched with your card.


Q:  I have a Handspring (Visor, Edge, Prism) and the conduit does not install.
A:  BlueSync does not currently work on the Handspring Visor. Handspring Visor does not include VFS, and the piDirect VFS will allow the BlueSync Palm OS application to view your card, it will not allow the conduit to synchronize your card. It will work with the newer Handspring products like the Treo models with a card slot.

Q:  I have just purchased BlueSync and every time I run it I get "error getting file list". The card's directory is listed but there are no files listed in the directory. I have tried this with 2 separate MMC cards , a 16M & a 32M. P.S. The files on the MMC cards do appear if you run the BlueSync program on the Palm.
A:  Four possibilities:

1) Make sure your card has a name. Use the card info program on the Palm to give it a name. Use a different name for each card.

2) Make sure BlueSync is on your Palm and in main memory.

3) Make sure you have Desktop 4.0.1 or newer. You can download from

4) Hit the Update Now button the BlueSync Desktop to ensure that you have the latest version of BlueSync.


Q:  Why does it take so long to Synchronize my Palm, Handspring, Clie or Handera?
A:  Depending on your device, BlueSync will use different methods to synchronize. If you have a Handspring or Handera device, it will go faster if you free up some of your main memory.

The amount of time it takes depends on whether your are syncronizing for the first time, the type of port you have (USB or Serial) and the type of card you are using.

Synchronizing the first time will always take longer as all of your files must be transferred. Subsequent synchronizations will be shorter as it only needs to transfer the information that has changed.


Q:  When I run the Sync I get the BlueSync progress dialogue window, with the corresponding "Syncronizing BlueSync" message on my Palm, it never finishes syncing, why?
I have a Palm using and SanDisk 128 SD card.

A:  There is a known problem with 128 MB SD cards, noted on Palm's WebSite.

Go to:

To read about the problem and download the update that they have mentioned to solve this issue.

Newer Palm OS devices do not need the update and should work fine.


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