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Spam Sleuth version 4.0 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
Q:  What is the minimum required setup?
  1) Install the program
2) Follow the wizard to add an account with your e-mail address, POP3 Server, SMTP Server, Username, and Password


Q:  How can I set up Spam Sleuth to work with MSN, AOL, Yahoo, or HotMail?
A:  These are proprietary e-mail systems and you will require another gateway program to work with these e-mail systems.

Web2Pop from JMA software or IzyMail from IzySoft will work with all of these. We recommend Web2Pop. Here is how you would configure Spam Sleuth and Web2Pop.

This is how you will want to configure: Your E- mail Client/Web2Pop/Spam Sleuth: In Outlook (or your e-mail client):
You will need to go to Tools> Accounts. Then select New.

Display Name: (Your Name)
E-mail Address: (Your E-mail address)
Incoming Mail Server: POP3
Incoming Server(Pop3): Localhost
OutGoing Server(SMTP): Localhost
Account Name: (Your full E-mail Address)
Password: (Your E-mail Password)

If you have Web2Pop:

After you have installed Web2Pop you will need to change 1 setting.

1- Right click on the Web2Pop icon and choose Options.
2- Choose the tab.
3- Change the port to 109 and then Hide Web2Pop.

If you have IzyMail:

After you have installed IzyMail you will need to change 1 setting.

1- Go to Start> Programs> IzyMail-WebMail Gateway> IzyMail WebMail Gateway Server.
2- Click on the Mail Server tab, and change the port from 110 to 109.
3- Click Apply, then Click O.K.

In Spam Sleuth:

1- Right click on the Spam Sleuth icon in your systray, and go to configure.
2- From the Configure Windows double click on the account that you have setup. If you do not have an account setup click on Add.
3- From the Edit account Window:

E-mail address: (your E-mail address)
Incoming server(pop3): Localhost
(Do not check Use APOP)
Username: (Your full E-mail Address)
Password: (Your E-mail password)
Outgoing (SMTP): LocalHost

Click O.K. to save and exit the edit account screen.

You will also need to change a setting in Spam Sleuth.

1) Go to Configure...->Accounts
2) Double-click on your account or choose it and hit Edit
3) Hit the Advanced button
4) Change the port to 109


Q:  How do I uninstall Spam Sleuth?
A:  We're not sure why anyone would want to UNinstall Spam Sleuth, but you can do it.

Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Programs. Find Blue Squirrel Spam Sleuth in the list and choose Change/Remove and this will uninstall the program.

There may be some remnant data that you can delete by going to the install directory and removing any files. The directory is most likely to be 'C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Spam Sleuth\'


Q:  I am using POP3 Proxy mode in Spam Sleuth, how do I set up Web2Pop?
A:  The POP3 Proxy mode in Spam Sleuth and Web2POP both set themselves up as a POP3 Server. If changes are not made, they will collide and only the first one launched will be working.

1) In your e-mail program, set the Incoming server to 'localhost'
2) In your e-mail program, set the Username to your FULL e-mail address (the same one you set in Spam Sleuth)
3) In Web2Pop, go to the Modules tab and make sure your provider is listed.
4) In Web2Pop, go to the Options tab and type in 109 where it says 'Web2Pop must listen to port:'
5) In Spam Sleuth under Configure.../Accounts, choose the account and hit Edit. Then set the 'Incoming (POP3) Server' to 'localhost', and the 'Username' to your FULL e-mail address.
6) In Spam Sleuth in the account settings for your account, hit the "Advanced" button and set the port to 109.

Make sure both programs run on startup. The sequence is that Spam Sleuth will get e-mail every X minutes by requesting the e-mail from Web2Pop. Web2Pop will get the e-mail and transfer it to Spam Sleuth. Your e-mail program will get the non-spam messages from Spam Sleuth.


Q:  Can I use Compuserve with Spam Sleuth?
A:  Yes. You need a "mail-only password", also known as a "POP3 password". If you don't already have one, you can create one via "GO NPX-92" on CompuServe. Note that your "User name (POP3)" inside Spam Sleuth's account details should *not* be e.g. "" but instead your original numerical login, e.g. "123456.1234". The POP3 server is, and if you're dialing in via CompuServe use as the SMTP server (otherwise use smtp. [your_normal_ISP].com etc.). APOP authentication should be OFF.

Q:  I have a free account or an AOL account. How do I set that up?
A:  You'll need Web2POP and Spam Sleuth Bundle

1) Install Web2POP
2) Install Spam Sleuth
3) In Spam Sleuth, choose File- >Configure.../Accounts and set to Polling Mode, and set your full e-mail address for Username, and enter your password, and set for "Incoming (POP3) Server" Set to check every 10 minutes

If you want to use a regular e-mail program like Outlook, or Eudora, then these ADDITIONAL steps are necessary:
1) Set to POP3 Proxy Mode, instead of Polling Mode
2) In the Options tab in Web2POP, set to listen on port 109 (instead of port 110)
3) In Spam Sleuth under File- >Configure.../Account/[Edit]/[Advanced], set the port to 109
4) In your e-mail program, set the Incoming (POP3) Server to


Q:  I have Eudora and I need to change the Port that Eudora uses to get e-mail. How do I do that?
A:  Find the Eudora.ini file and put:
under the [Settings] section.


Q:  How do I set up Google and Worldnet because they require secure POP3?
A:  Download Stunnel installer (Secure Tunnel) from:

Install to: c:\stunnel

Edit the file named c:\stunnel\stunnel.conf

For GMail - Uncomment these lines which will be in the file and set the accept line to port 109 as shown below:
client = yes
accept =
connect =

C:\stunnel\stunnel.exe -install

At a command-line prompt, run: start stunnel

This sets up a secure tunnel to your POP3 provider on port 109. Then set Spam Sleuth POP3 Server to 'localhost' and port 109.


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