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Spam Sleuth Enterprise
Q:  What do I need to run the server version?
  You need:
a) A Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer. It can be the same computer or a different computer than the one on which you run your e-mail server.
b) You must run your own e-mail server (MS Exchange, SendMail, IMail, QMail, EMWACS IMS, etc.)


Q:  Why isn't learning mode working with Exchange?
A:  Your Microsoft Exchange is not configured to report a 550 when a user is invalid. Here are some links that give you the solution:

They are pretty similar. They explain the problem, show you how to fix it, and give you a way to test it.

After making the changes, Spam Sleuth Enterprise will "learn" correctly.


Q:  How many users will Spam Sleuth Enterprise support?
A:  Spam Sleuth Enterprise has an ISP mode which does not have any built-in limit. There is a theoretical limit at 40 million users per domain.

Of course you would need to supply sufficient hardware to handle the e-mail load for that many users.


Q:  We have a lot of e-mail, can we use more than one computer to screen for spam?
A:  Yes. Our licensing is per user. If you would like to use multiple machines to handle the load or for redundancy, that is covered by our licensing.

The software is designed so that you may use multiple machines to handle the e-mail load, and use a shared SAN (Storage Area Network) for the user settings and spam quarantine area.


Q:  I want to install Spam Sleuth Enterprise on the same computer as my Microsoft Exchange. How do I do that?
A:  You will need to do the following:
1) In SSConfig: Set "Relay to Host" to the IP address of the computer with Exchange and Spam Sleuth Enterprise. Set "Relay to Port" to 2500.
2) Set your Exchange to listen on port 2500. (See instructions below)
3) In SSConfig: Hit [Service...] and choose Re- Start.

If you have users in your company using POP3 or IMAP, you'll need to also set their Outlook programs to send e-mail on port 2500.

Instructions for changing the Listen port on Exchange to 2500:
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
The port is set by changing the "smtp" entry in winnt\system32\drivers\etc\services. In a nutshell, change the entry that reads: smtp 25/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer to instead read: smtp 2500/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer ...then restart the Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail service. see scid=kb;en-us;Q173903

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
In the Exchange System Manager, Select "Servers" / [Your Server] / Protocols / Select "Default SMTP Server" and choose 'Properties' / General / Advanced / Change the port number to the port desired.


Q:  I want all e-mail addresses to be analyzed by one set of rules (one account). Can I do this?
A:  Yes. Add this line to the /Server/SpamSleuthServer.ini


This will cause all aliases to be forwarded through as the alias e-mail address instead of the account e-mail address. It also changes the licensing so aliases count as a user.


Q:  I am the master user. Can I manage all the accounts easily?
A:  Yes. You can edit the ../Spam/Restrictions.ini file and add these two lines.


Then you will get a drop-down in the Windows Client and the Web Client that lets you switch accounts.


Q:  The AntiVirus signatures stopped updating. Why?
A:  The mirror locations have changed.

Edit your clamupdate.ini with these lines:

Also, remove the [Mirrors] section and all the entries underneath it.

The fix will be made in the next release.


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