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Click2PDF for Windows
Q:  I want to be able to print on the entire PDF, but it is reporting a non-printable area. How can I fix that?
  On Windows 98/98/ME:

1- Right click on the "Do not delete-used byClick2PDF" printer and select the Paper tab.
2- Click the Unprintable Area... button
3- Zero out all the values (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)
4- Click the OK button
5- Click the OK button


Q:  I'm having problems printing a Legal-sized PDF. Click2PDF cuts off the bottom. Do you have a solution?
A:  From the program the document is created in change the page setup to Legal size before printing to Click2PDF. If you have a Legal size image please try the following:
  1. Open MS Word
  2. Click the File->Page Setup menu
  3. In Paper Size change the Paper Size to Legal
  4. In Margins change the Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Gutter margins to 0"
  5. Click the Ok button
  6. Click the Insert->Picture->From File menu
  7. Select the graphic
  8. Click the Insert button
  9. Click the File->Print menu
  10. Select the Click2PDF printer
  11. Click the Ok button
  12. In Click2PDF select the DPI she wants and the Click the Save button.


Q:  Does Click2PDF work on 64-Bit Operating Systems?

Click2PDF is not currently 64-Bit compatible. Our developers are working on getting it 64-Bit compatible.

Our ClickBook software is 64-Bit compatible (Vista/Windows 7), and it has an embedded PDF converter in it.

Contact sales at 1-800-403-0925 or, to see how to get a copy of ClickBook to help you convert your documents into PDF files.


Q:  Can I edit the PDF after converting it?

Click2PDF uses an image to convert the file into a PDF, so the PDF is non-editable.


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