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ClickBook 4.0 for Macintosh OS X
Q:  Which operating systems does ClickBook 4.0 Mac for Mac work with?
  ClickBook 4.0 for Mac works with version 10.2.4 and newer. If you have 10.2.4, you'll want PDF workflow to take full advantage of all the ClickBook 4.0 for Mac features.

Version 10.3 or newer will include PDF workflow.


Q:  How do I install?
A:  The download is a dmg (disk image file) which will appear as an icon. Open the DMG file and simply drag ClickBook to your Applications folder.

If you have a CD, then click on the CD icon and then drag ClickBook to your Applications folder.

After ClickBook is in your Applications folder, open ClickBook. This will open to the 'Welcome' screen. Go through each of the steps, making sure to 'ACTIVATE PDF WORKFLOW'.

NOTE: When the 'PDF WORKFLOW' has been activated the button will be grayed out.

Then click 'SETUP', and setup each of your printers for use with ClickBook.

Finally, click on ClickBook> Quit ClickBook. Quitting ClickBook ensures that the changes are written to the ClickBook preference file.


Q:  I have a the download link, but my name and password are not working. Why?
A:  Everything is case-sensitive. Make sure you use the link directly from the e-mail, or check to make sure the C and B in ClickBook are capitalized. If you continue to have problems downloading contact us at 1-800-403-0925 and we can reset your password.

Then make sure you use your e-mail and password as they are shown in the e-mail.


Q:  Updated Mac OS and ClickBook will not work.
A:  If you did not remove ClickBook before updating, follow the instructions below to remove and reinstall ClickBook 4.0 on your updated system.

1) Launch ClickBook.
2) Open the Layouts panel, and export all of your custom layouts.
(Skip this step if you never defined any custom layouts.)
3) Open the Setup window and record the numerical value for each
printer you've defined for ClickBook.
4) Quit ClickBook.
5) Move the /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/com.bluesquirrel.ClickBook.plist
file to the trash. Or run the uninstaller from the Utilities folder on your CD or dmg image.
6)Reinstall ClickBook from your CD or the downloaded DMG file.
If you need to re-download the DMG file contact us at: 1-800-403-0925
7) Follow the steps in the Welcome screen, and setup your printers with the values you recorded in step 3.
8) Drag your exported layouts back into the Layouts Manager.
9) Quit ClickBook to write the new preferences file.
10) Run through a couple of tests.


Q:  Error message 'ClickBook quit unexpectedly'
A:  Make sure you have the latest version of ClickBook. The latest version of ClickBook is 4.08f.

You check your version by opening ClickBook, then clicking on ClickBook> About ClickBook.

This message is caused by the ClickBook application not being able to write to the preference file.
Try the following to resolve this issue:
1- Open ClickBook.
2- Delete any print jobs in queue.
3- Go to ClickBook> Quit ClickBook.
4- Restart your computer.

When the computer boots back up, try using ClickBook again.

If the problem continues, get a copy of the Clickbook.crash log.

You can locate the crash log by going to:
/Users/[your account]/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ClickBook/Clic kBook.crash.log


Q:  I don't see all the layouts listed, in the drop down menu to select layouts.
A:  This happens when your printer has not been setup for use with ClickBook, and is set to print single sided only.

To correct this:
1- Delete any print jobs in the ClickBook queue.
2- Click on Setup and setup your printer for use with ClickBook.
3- Click on ClickBook> Quit ClickBook.

Now try to use ClickBook to print your document again. If you have correctly setup your printer, you will now have all the layouts available for printing from ClickBook.


Q:  Switched from Windows to Mac and I do not see a ClickBook printer. How do I use ClickBook?
A:  ClickBook works differently on the Mac. ClickBook for Mac does not setup a ClickBook Printer, it utilizes the PDF Workflow option to transfer documents into ClickBook.

To use ClickBook on the Mac follow these steps:
1- Open your document.
2- Go to File> Print.
3- Click the PDF button.
4- Select Open PDF with ClickBook.

NOTE: If printing a PDF file, simply open ClickBook and click and drag the PDF into ClickBook.


Q:  I have a duplexing printer, how do I set it up in ClickBook?
A:  To setup your printer to use duplexing in ClickBook follow these steps:
1- Open ClickBook.
2- Click on the Setup button.
3- Select Printer (Hardware Duplexing)
4- Click the 'Configure' button.
5- From the Print dialog for your printer locate the 2 Side Printing setting and enable it. It can be located under 'Layout' or '2 Sided Printing' from the drop down menu.

If you can not activate automatic duplexing when using Printer (Hardware Duplexing) you can select 'Printer Advanced' from the Printer Setup window in ClickBook.

NOTE: Make sure to Quit ClickBook after setting up your printer.


Q:  What is the latest version of Mac, and how do I get the update?
A:  The latest version of ClickBook for Mac is Version 4.08f. If you do not currently have 4.08f, contact sales at 1-800-403-0925 to see how you can acquire the latest version.

Q:  The ClickBook option is not available when I click on the PDF button from the print dialog.

If you do not see the 'Open PDF with ClickBook' from the PDF menu, you will need to activate/re- activate it from within ClickBook. To activate/re-activate the PDF Workflow option in ClickBook follow these steps:
1- Open ClickBook.
2- Click on Welcome.
3- Click on the OS X tab.
4- Click the 'Activate PDF Workflow' button.
If it is already grayed out, click remove PDF Workflow, then click 'Activate PDF Workflow'.
5- Click Next.
6- Click Done.
7- Then Quit ClickBook. (ClickBook> Quit ClickBook).

Now re-open your document and click go to File> Print, then click the PDF button. The 'Open PDF with ClickBook' option should now be available.


Q:  How do I check what version I have installed?

To check the version of ClickBook you have installed open ClickBook and click on 'ClickBook> About ClickBook'

The latest version of ClickBook is 4.08f. If you would like to upgrade to the latest version, please contact sales at 1-800-403-0925


Q:  Trying to print a document, using no scaling, and it is not printing correctly. What am I doing wrong?

This problem occurs because the PDF Workflow option is not honoring the 'custom page size', and is sending the document to ClickBook as a full size (letter) document.

The best way to print no scaling, is to adjust your Right and Bottom, margins of your document, to create the custom size.

By doing this, it ensures that the PDF Workflow, will not change the format, and ClickBook receives it in a way that it can properly print the document using No Scaling.

Instead of setting up your page size to be 5.5 x 8.5, you could set the page size to 8.5 x 11, and increase your Right Margin by 3" and your Bottom Margin by 2.5".

NOTE: You will need to know the size of the layout you are printing to, to properly adjust your document.


Q:  When I print to ClickBook, the print out is very small like a postage stamp.

You can resolve this issue, by making sure you have the latest version of ClickBook.

The latest version of ClickBook for Mac is 4.08f.

You can check the version of ClickBook you have, by opening ClickBook and going to ClickBook> About ClickBook.

Contact sales at 1-800-403-0925 or to see how you can get the latest version of ClickBook.


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