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Spam Sleuth version 4.0 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
Q:  How do I configure Verizon or Comcast that require secure e-mail?
  Stunnel - Configuring for secure connections

Download and install STUNNEL
When prompted for country, state, etc, just accept the defaults by hitting [ENTER] or enter your information.

Open a command prompt and enter these commands to set stunnel to run as a service on startup:
CD \Program Files (x86)\stunnel
stunnel -install

In Spam Sleuth:
In File->Configure, choose 'Accounts'
For each SMTP account, set outgoing server and POP3 server to 'localhost' (without the single quotes)

In File->Configure, choose 'Miscellaneous', and set POP3 Proxy Listen Port to 111

Shut down and relaunch Spam Sleuth to get the settings to take.

In your e-mail program:
Set POP3 Server to localhost and POP3 port to 111.

This will cause your e-mail program to get e-mail from Spam Sleuth (listening on port 111), and Spam Sleuth will get e-mail from port 110 which goes through the secure tunnel to port 995.

What this does:
It sets up a secure tunnel for e-mail. This is a requirement of some e-mail providers now, and they require secure communication through ports 995 for secure POP and port 465 for secure smtp.

The tunnel lets you GET e-mail with your own machine using port 110 and the secure tunnel will encrypt the channel and get it through port 995.

The tunnel lets you SEND e-mail with your own machine using port 25 and the secure tunnel will encrypt the e-mail and send it through port 465.

NOTE: Add (or uncomment) these lines in stunnel.conf

client = yes
accept =
connect =

client = yes
accept =
connect =


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