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ClickBook for Windows (All)
Q:  Why are my document pages printing out of order?
  This may be caused by an error in setting up the ClickBook printer. Try doing Custom printer setup again in ClickBook to see if that will correct the problem. If you have a printer that outputs the pages face-up, many applications (such as Microsoft Word) have an option to reverse the page order when printing so it prints the last page first. In ClickBook this will cause the pages to come out backwards so that your booklet reads back to front. To solve this problem, find and change that option. In Word, this option is under Tools / Options� / Print / Reverse Print Order. If this option was selected, deselect it.

Some printer drivers (especially ink-jet drivers), have an option to print front-to-back or back-to-front. Switch that option under Start->Settings->Printers. Right-click on your printer and choose Properties...

If you have ClickBook MMX or newer, choose File->"Printer Setup" and hit the Troubleshoot button and answer the questions. In most cases the problem will be fixed, you may need to run Troubleshoot more than once.


Q:  How do I stop ClickBook from giving me the "Out of GDI Resources" error when printing using ClickBook?
A:  We recommend upgrading or purchasing the newest version of ClickBook which does not have this issue.

Q:  When printing from an application, why do I receive the message "No printers found. Can�t find printer..."?
A:  We recommend the newest version of ClickBook which does not have this issue.

Q:  I get a "problem with current printer setup" message when I try to print from ClickBook.
A:  Remove the ClickBook Printer from the printer folder. Then run the Printer setup in ClickBook again.

Updating the drivers used with your printer would also be a good idea. Check the printer manufacturer's website for the latest version.


Q:  My printer can duplex, but it I can't get it to duplex correctly!
A:  Make sure you are using the latest version of ClickBook.

In your control panel, make sure your printer's duplexer is activated. You should check to make sure your duplexer is working using a different program.

Go to File->"Printer Setup" and double-click on your printer, and set the Duplexing setting to "Automatic" or "Reverse" Most printers will work using "Automatic"


Q:  I am trying to create a layout on 11x17 paper. Why is that size not available in the list of ClickBook paper sizes?
A:  ClickBook (like all Windows applications) draws the available paper sizes from the active printer's print driver. You need to set your default printer to a print driver that supports 11x17� page size (e.g. HP LaserJet 4mv). Of course this will only help if you will have a printer that supports this size when you are ready to print your booklet!

You can edit a layout using Layout->"Modify Layout" and set the paper size. Make sure you set the printer first, because the Layout editor will read the available paper sizes from the selected printer.


Q:  Will saving CB files actually save all of the data contained in CB files with multiple documents?
A:  Yes.

Q:  ClickBook freezes or pauses and is not recieveing any data.
A:  Check to see if MS Word on the task bar is flashing.

If it is then, MS Word is probably telling the user that �The margins are outside of the printable page. Do you want to continue?� It alerts ClickBook that a document is being printed, but it won�t send any of the data until the user answers the question. Once the question is answered then MS Word will start sending data to ClickBook.

If that isn't the problem, then you can reset the ClickBook Printer if you have the latest version of ClickBook. Under Start->Programs->ClickBook, you have a new option to "Clear Queue". If you are on Vista or Windows 7, right-click and choose "Run as Administrator"


Q:  ClickBook cuts off part of the document.
A:  This can happen for a couple of reasons.

1 - This usually occurs on documents and Web pages with thin margins. Webpages are usually not setup for printing, and may print on 2 sheets of paper.

To solve this, use the Surf �n� Print layouts.

2 - Your printer's print driver has a non printable margin, where the printer pull the paper through. You will need to increase your documents margins to avoid this.

3 - Some printers (especially ink-jet) cannot print too close to the end of the paper. On the side-by-side layout, this is the right-hand side of the right-hand page. If that area is cut off, you should adjust the paper margins under Layouts->"Modify Layout" in ClickBook.


Q:  ClickBook never prompts me to print the second side. It just sends the entire print job straight through, only printing on one side. What�s wrong?
A:  Either ClickBook has been set to use automatic duplexing or you have selected a single sided layout. ClickBook will detect if the printer driver has the ability to duplex print jobs (print on both sides of a paper at a time), and then asks if you want to use that feature. The print driver will sometimes report this even if you don�t have a duplexing unit installed. To change this back to manual duplexing, open printer setup with File->"Printer Setup". Double-click on your printer and set the duplexing to "Manual"

Q:  When printing I get the error "Either the ClickBook Temporary file is damaged or there is not enough memory to print the temporary file"
A:  Check your available hard drive space. ClickBook writes temp files during printing, and if not enough hard drive space is available you may receive this error. At least 5 meg should be enough. More if the document is very large or contains many large images.
The temp files created could be damaged or corrupted in some way. Deleting them should solve the problem. Click on Start-> Find-> Files or folders. Search the C: drive for the file name "~cb_*.*" This should return 2-10 files, with a name similar to ~cb_0123.tmp. Select these files and delete them.
If you receive the error consistently with a particular document, there may be a problem with it. Try copying the document to a new file. Make sure any images in the document are not scaled down a large amount (more than 50%) from original size. The program, the print driver, and ClickBook all have to process the larger images in full even if they are only shown small on the page.


Q:  Why doesn't WordArt work in ClickBook?
A:  WordArt is a vector based graphic. Microsoft renders WordArt on a pixel-by-pixel which creates enormous files.

Workaround: If you convert the WordArt to a graphic, it will print just fine.


Q:  ClickBook will not launch when I print to a ClickBook printer from Adobe Acrobat Reader?
A:  Adobe Acrobat can, if it detects that the printer can understand postscript, bypass the windows print subsystem and print directly to the printer.

Solution - Use the newest Acrobat Reader. To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader click here. Early versions of Adobe Acrobat reader do not work very well with ClickBook.
1- Find and install a PCL driver for your printer.
Postscript drivers can cause problems with printing by bypassing ClickBook.
2- Print the PDF file as an image. Note: This will take a long time to print out. To do this in Adobe Acrobat Reader click the File- >Print menu, select the ClickBook printer and check the �Print as image� box in the far right corner of the dialog.
3- Use a Postscript driver that uses Postscript version 2 or less.


Q:  Why is some of the text at the end of my page cut off?
A:  There are two solutions.

One is to use the Round font size down feature.

To do this follow these steps:
1- Launch ClickBook
2- Click the File->ClickBook Printer Setup menu item.
3- Select the printer that you are using.
4- Click the "Printer Settings" button.
5- Check the "Round font size down" checkbox and click the "OK" button.
6- Click the "Close" button.
7- Exit ClickBook.

The second way is to use the "Surf-n-Print" Layout.

This will give you about 1/8 to 1/4 inch on each side.


Q:  I'm using Microsoft NT, and the ClickBook printer does not appear, why?
A:  This can happen for a variety of reasons. Please check each of these.

1. You must reboot your computer after installing ClickBook. This gives NT a chance to read and recognize the newly installed ClickBook printer.

2. You may not have permission to add a printer. This occurs in locked-down corporate environments. Have your network administer give you temporary Administrator rights to your computer and re-install. Be sure to reboot after installation.

3. If you are on a Novell network, the LPT1: port will be captured by the Novell software and redirected to the Novell printer.

To fix this:
a) Click on the Start button and then click the Setting->Printers.
b) Right-click on the ClickBook printer and select "Properties"
c) Choose the Ports tab. Make sure LPT1: is checked.


Q:  I am using ClickBook for Windows 2000/XP and I receive this error message: The layouts directory does not have any layouts in it. Please reinstall the program. What do I do?
A:  This error is caused by having the ClickBook layouts directory in a drive or directory that is compressed.
To resolve this error you will need to decompress either the drive or the directory that the ClickBook layouts are found in.
Also windows indexing needs to be enabled for the ClickBook directory.

This problem has been fixed in newer versions of ClickBook.


Q:  I have uninstalled ClickBook, when I open MS Excel I receive the error message: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10 \xlstart\ClickBook.xla' could not be found...
A:  Follow these steps to stop receiving that error message:
1- Make MS Excel is not running.
2- Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart and delete the ClickBook.xla file
3- Open MS Excel.
4- Go to Tools> Addins, and deselect the ClickBook addin.
You should not see that error message anymore.


Q:  I have just installed ClickBook and when I try to use the ClickBook macro in PowerPoint I receive the message " Unable to open..." How do I use the ClickBook macro with PowerPoint
A:  The problem that you are having is that ClickBook does not properly install the macro into PowerPoint.
You will need to remove the Macro and reinstall the macro manually.

To remove the ClickBook Macro from PowerPoint.
1- Open PowerPoint.
2- From PowerPoint go to Tools> Addins.
3- Highlight the CB addin, and click remove.

To install the ClickBook Macro into PowerPoint.
1- Open PowerPoint.
2- Go to Tools> Addins and click on Add New.
3- Select the CB.PPA file from the Macro folder in the ClickBook directory and click O.K..
This folder is usually located at: C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\ClickBook\Macros

You should now be able to use the ClickBook macro in PowerPoint.


Q:  When I print I get an error message "Delete one page from the print job". How can I fix this?
A:  This is an incorrect error message in the program. The error is actually caused because ClickBook can't locate the default layout you've set. The most common cause for this is installing a ClickBook upgrade to a different directory than before.

The solution is simple.
This error is caused by having the ClickBook layouts directory in a drive or directory that is compressed. To resolve this issue you will need to decompress either the drive or the directory that the ClickBook layouts are found in and enable windows indexing needs to be enabled for the clickbook directory.
Now in ClickBook go to Layouts->Set Default Layouts... on the menu and then choose a default layout for 'Portrait' and a default layout for 'Landscape'.


Q:  When I print with ClickBook to my HP's Laserjet using a PCL 6 printer driver, the printer prints out an error message, that states: "PCL XL error, Subsystem: Kernel, Error: IllegalOperator Sequence. How do you resolve this issue?
A:  This is a problem with the PCL 6 driver. You can get past this by changing the print driver to HP Laserjet PCL 5E, or use the HP Laserjet Series PCL driver available from Windows. After you have changed print drivers, make sure to apply the changes, and setup your printer for use with ClickBook again.

Q:  When I printed a booklet using Clickbook and the Clickbook PDF Converter certain fonts (turned punctuation like apostrophes and dashes into little square boxes. When we changed the font to Arial we didn't have the same problem. Are there certain fonts that aren't compatible with either Clickbook or Clickbook PDF Converter?
A:  You need the latest ClickBook MMX.

Q:  I am getting blank pages when I print to my HP Officejet Printer and I don't have the latest ClickBook MMX.
A:  Due to the HP Photosmart driver, you'll need to do the following:

Under Control Panel -> "Printers and Faxes", right click on your Printer, and choose "Properties...", then under the Advanced tab uncheck "Enable Advanced Printing Features"

Set Duplexing in the driver to 2-Sided or Double Sided.

Make sure your XP has Service Pack 3 (SP3)

The newest ClickBook MMX does not have a problem with the HP Officejet.


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