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WebSeeker 98 v3.4 for Windows 95/98/NT
Q:  Why does WebSeeker "time-out" and not register when I try to use it for the first time?
  The problem may be due to the fact that your computer is accessing the Internet through a proxy server. A proxy server (or firewall) acts as a security barrier between your internal network and the Internet, keeping other people on the Internet from gaining access to confidential information on your internal network.

If your computer is accessing the Internet through a proxy server, you need to configure WebSeeker with the IP Address and Port Number of your proxy server by editing the WEBSKR32.INI file.

1. Open the WEBSKR32.INI file with Notepad or other text editor. The file is located either in the WebSeeker folder (usually C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\Webseeker) or in the Windows folder (usually C:\Windows).
2. Add or edit the [PROXY] section of the file.
It should look like this:

You must specify the IP address and Port number of your proxy server. Here's an example:
Port=80 (80 is somewhat of an "industry standard")


Q:  I enter my V.I.P.# but WebSeeker still says it is an evaluation copy. What is wrong?
A:  This problem has been fixed in the latest version of WebSeeker. Simply download the latest version from our Web site and then enter your V.I.P.#.

Q:  Why is there a difference between the number of results WebSeeker displays during a search's progress and the number of results I end up with?
A:  The number of results reported during a search's progress include duplicates and links back to the search engine itself. WebSeeker removes these extra entries for you when it displays the final search results.

Q:  Why are only some of the search engines used sometimes?
A:  If only some of the engines are automatically selected on the Search Engines tab, you have probably selected the AND or AS A PHRASE search operators. WebSeeker automatically removes any search engines that do not support AND or PHRASE searching.

Q:  Why don't I get search results from all the search engines all the time?
A:  Some search engines slow down and "time-out" as more and more people use them. This problem can usually be remedied by performing a new search using only that search engine. You can also increase the Timeout Settings on the Network tab of the Preferences dialog. If the problem persists, verify that the search engine is operating, then contact Blue Squirrel Customer Support.

Q:  When I launch WebSeeker I get the message, "A required .DLL file, OLEPRO32.DLL (or MSVCRT.DLL), was not found." What should I do?
A:  This problem has been fixed in the latest version of WebSeeker. Simply download the latest version from our Web site and then enter the V.I.P.#.

Q:  I am getting scrambled characters at the end of the text lines in WebSeeker. How do I fix this?
A:  The scrambled characters at the end of text lines in WebSeeker are due to a hardware problem and appears on only some machines. The solution is to disable graphics acceleration. This can be done by:

1. Right-clicking on My Computer.
2. Choosing Properties.
3. Clicking on the Performance Tab.
4. Clicking on the Graphics... button.
5. Slide the Hardware Acceleration slider to None Click OK.
6. Click OK on the System Properties dialog.
7. Click Yes to reboot.


Q:  When I try to run webseeker, it crashes. Why?
A:  Go into windows explorer and right click on your windows directory and select find. When the find dialog box comes up, enter in ix.dll if it is found in the windows directory, delete it. Then run WebSeeker again.

Q:  Every time I start WebSeeker, I get the following error: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error Program C:\FOREFRONT\WEBSKR32.EXE Abnormal Program Termination When I click OK the program shuts down. How can I get WebSeeker to run?
A:  WebSeeker is detecting a beta version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. In order for WebSeeker to run you need to install a release version of Internet Explorer or uninstall Internet Explorer completely from your system.

Q:  How can I get WebSeeker to register under Windows NT? It asks for my name and V.I.P. Key each time I run it.
A:  You must be an NT Administrator on your machine in order to register and unlock WebSeeker permanently.

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