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WebWhacker 3.2 for Windows 95/98/NT
Q:  What are the "levels" that WebWhacker refers to?
  Because of the frequency and complexity of this question we have created a page to help out. This page gives a Definition and Explanation of "Levels".

Q:  Will WebWhacker whack if the PC is not dialed into the Web?
A:  If you have set up WebWhacker's scheduler to start whacking at a specific time, it will use the standard Windows 95 dialer to dial into the Internet and start whacking. If you are not using the scheduler, WebWhacker requires that you manually make the connection to the Web before you can start whacking.

Q:  How do I purchase WebWhacker 3.2 for Windows?
A:  Follow this link to: asp?skey=ww3

Q:  Can I use WebWhacker with America Online (AOL)?
A:  Yes, you can use WebWhacker with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) like AOL as long as you have a direct TCP/IP connection between the Web and your computer. This may require additional software. . For more information, ask your ISP.

Q:  After exporting several related Web pages, are they linked to each other?
A:  It depends upon how the Web page creator wrote the HTML code on the Web pages. If the pages were linked using relative paths and were located in the same directory, the links may work. If the links were coded using absolute paths, or the pages were originally in different directories, the links will probably not work.

Q:  Where do the whacked files go?
A:  All whacked pages and objects go into the whacker.wwdb file, which by default is in the C:\Program Files\ForeFront\WebWhacker2\program directory.

Q:  Does WebWhacker support frames?
A:  Yes, WebWhacker supports the displaying and whacking of frames

Q:  Can I whack sites that require a username and password?
A:  Yes, you can whack sites that require user authentication through a pop-up dialog. To do so, enter the desired username and password in the WebWhacker Tools / Preferences... dialog on the Phone tab.

Q:  I have CD writing software. When I go to My Documents and look at what was copied, all I see is a number
of inividual files. What ties them all together so they can be viewed as a web site?

A:  In WebWhacker 3.2 the links are managed by a powerful database engine. WebWhacker 3.2 runs a proxy server on your machine which intercepts URLs and looks them up in the database and then finds the file on your hard drive.

In WebWhacker 2000 we have a database and we switch all the links to relative links so they can be located on your HD without a proxy server running on your machine. WebWhacker 2000 files can be used alone, or through a local proxy server running on your computer.

Grab-a-Site and WebWhacker Education Edition will use the database to keep itself from going into an infinite loop and getting the same pages over and over, but ultimately it just puts the files on your hard drive in a format that is browsable.

If you are making a site for a CD, I would recommend Grab-a-Site as it has special features for CDs such as 8.3 file names so the disk can be used on non-Joliet systems.


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