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WebWhacker 4.0 for Macintosh
Q:  Why does my Web browser start dialing the modem when I double-click on a URL in WebWhacker while off-line?
  When you double-click on a URL in WebWhacker, the program sends the URL to your Web browser. If you use MacTCP, your Web browser will automatically dial the modem when it receives a URL. Therefore, the problem is between your Web browser and MacTCP, not with WebWhacker. The solution is to use Open Transport, which comes with the Mac OS 7.5.1 and above.

Q:  My Web browser has the name of a computer as a proxy server instead of an IP address. Why does WebWhacker not work correctly?
A:  Some computer configurations require that WebWhacker use the IP address of the proxy server instead of the computer name. The solution is to add the IP address of the proxy server to WebWhacker by selecting Options / Preferences� and entering it on the Whack Settings tab. If you don�t know the IP address of your proxy server, ask your Network Administrator.

Q:  Why does WebWhacker still not work after I�ve configured it for my proxy server?
A:  WebWhacker only works with a CERN proxy server. It does not work with SOCKS or other types of proxy servers. If you don�t know which type of proxy server is being used at your location, ask your Network Administrator.

Q:  I can see the page in my browser. Why can�t WebWhacker whack it?
A:  WebWhacker maintains its own connection to the Internet that is separate from your Web browser�s connection to the Internet. One possible problem is that the proxy server information is not correctly entered into WebWhacker. To view what has been set, select Options / Preferences�, and click on the Whack Settings tab. If you are behind a firewall, your proxy server�s IP address and Port number should be in the Proxy fields.

Q:  Why does my computer hang when I press the Stop button?
A:  When you press Stop, WebWhacker sends a message to MacTCP or MacPPP to stop. If that other program doesn�t reply, WebWhacker appears hung. Try pressing Command-period. If that doesn�t work, reboot your computer.

Q:  Why does my computer crash when I access the Apple Guide Help?
A:  The Apple Guide that came with System 7.5.1 contained a bug that causes WebWhacker and other help files to crash. We recommend downloading the latest Apple Guide extension from

Q:  Why does the FFGMenu not display on the menu bar?
A:  It may conflict with another extension on your computer. In the Extensions folder, rename FFGMenu to put a space (or ~) as the first character, so it loads first.

Q:  When launching the program, I am getting a error which says its missing "appleguidegluelib".
A:  In your extensions manager make sure Apple Guide is enabled.

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