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WebWhacker 4.0 for Macintosh
Q:  What if my proxy server requires a username and password?
  WebWhacker cannot be used if your firewall or proxy server requires a username and password to access the Internet.

Q:  Why do image map links not work correctly?
A:  There are two types of image maps, Server-side and Client-side. When you click on a Server-side image map, your cursor�s coordinates are sent to the Web server. That Web server is running a program which interprets those coordinates and uses that information to determine what to send to your Web browser. You can whack and view a Server-side image, but it will not work correctly because the Web server program cannot run on your computer. A Web page containing a Client-side image map contains all of the information necessary to determine what to do when you click on a particular location within the image. That image can be whacked and will work correctly, so you can use any Client-side image map. If an image map does not work correctly after whacking, it is probably a Server-side image map. The creator of that Web page can convert it to a Client-side image map.

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