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ClickBook for Windows (All)
Q:  Can I print Adobe Acrobat PDF files?

Old versions of Acrobat may have problems Adobe's latest Acrobat reader for Windows all PDF's may now be printed easily and effortlessly using ClickBook. To Install Adobe's newest Acrobat reader click here.


Q:  When printing from WordPerfect, why do I receive a message "Windows could not write to printer spool file" or other "Disk Full..."?
A:  "Windows could not write to printer spool file" or other "Disk Full..." errors? This is caused by a problem handling WPG format graphics. Cut the graphic, then choose Paste Special´┐Ż from the Edit menu and paste as Picture file (WMF).

Q:  When I print to ClickBook from MS Excel, the gridlines do not print or printed incorrectly?
A:  We contacted Microsoft about this and it appears to have been fixed in Office XP. Unfortunately we don't have a fix for this other than upgrading to Windows XP or eliminating the table grid lines.
Work Around
If you import an Excel spreadsheet into Word the table grid lines will print correctly.

Alternate solution: In Excel, go to Page Setup... and set the scaling to 99% or 101% (anything but 100%).

ClickBook MMX and newer will properly handle the gridlines.


Q:  When I print a PDF file from ClickBook, ClickBook does not print the text, instead it prints little squares, how do I fix this?
A:  Problem:
Adobe uses it's own font table. If you close out of the PDF file before printing the PDF file with ClickBook, ClickBook will lose access to Adobe's font table and substitute the text with symbols (little squares).

Solution: To solve this this problem, all you have to do is leave the original PDF file open in Acrobat Reader, then print from ClickBook.

ClickBook will now print the text properly.


Q:  When I attempt to Insert a blank page from the Tools menu, I get the message: "The Page Separator file (ps.cb) does not exist in ClickBooks install directory. The Page separator can't be printed for this job."
A:  Copy the following files

C:\Program Files\Blue Squirrel\ClickBook

We will update the installation file to copy these files to that directory.


Q:  I get "Printer not activated, error code -20" when trying to print to the PDF option, how can I convert to PDF using ClickBook?

This message will occur when printing directly to the 'ClickBook PDF Option' printer.

To use the PDF function in ClickBook follow these steps:
1- Print your document to the 'ClickBook Printer'
2- Select the layout you would like to use.
3- Click the 'PDF' button at the top of the ClickBook window.
4- Select the location where you want the PDF file to be saved.
5- Name the PDF file.
6- Click 'Save'

NOTE: We have seen a compatibility issue with other PDF software, that uses the same print driver as the ClickBook PDF Option.
This compatibility issue usually occurs with Quicken or Quickbooks. Our developers are working on this issue.


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