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Grab-a-Site 5.0 for Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/W7
Q:  What are the differences between Grab-a-Site and WebWhacker?
  Because of the frequency of this question we have created a couple of pages to help out.
This page discusses the basic Differences between Grab-a-Site and WebWhacker. If you need more help deciding which of these two offline browsers is right for you, check out our Offline Browser Easy Decision Wizard.


Q:  What are the "levels" that Grab-a-Site refers to?
A:  Because of the frequency and complexity of this question we have created a page to help out. This page gives a Definition and Explanation of "Levels".

Q:  How do I purchase Grab-A-Site 5.0 for Windows?
A:  Follow this link to:

Q:  Is Grab A Site able to grab JavaScript?
A:  Grab A Site 5.0 looks for links in JavaScript. If the links are constructed in JavaScript such as: var link = '/dir/' + someotherdir + '/index.htm' then Grab A Site can't follow the link. If the links are a text string such as: var link = '/dir/otherdir/index.htm' then Grab A Site will follow the link.

Q:  How do I download a trial for Grab a Site?
A:  You can sign up to receive the trial version by going to: Grab A Site Trial

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