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Grab-a-Site 5.0 for Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista/W7
Q:  When I download a site, why does Grab-a-Site miss some pages?
  When Grab-a-Site is downloading information it will wait for a certain amount of time to connect to the web server and then wait for another period of time to start recieving informaiton. If the website does not respond in time Grab-a-Site will assume that there is nothing for it to download. If there are missing pages frequently or if you are trying to download a site that you know is slow you will probably want to change the time that Grab-a-Site will wait for the web server. In Grab-a-Site preferences you can change the seconds it waits to connect to the web server under the setting Timeout on Connect or Changing the Number of retries before moving on to next level to a greater number can eliminate most "missing" pages. If you still have problems you can add the following information to your grabsite.ini file to increase the amount of time it waits for the web server to start transmitting data: [Options] ReadOut=60 You can set ReadOut to whatever value you feel is appropriate. In this example Grab-a-Site will wait up to 60 seconds before moving on.

Q:  When I start Grab-a-Site, I get this error:
pGrabber Create Instance FAILED
What can I do?

A:  This means the WebGrabber object is not registered with the system.

1) Go to a command prompt
2) Go to the Grab-a-Site program directory
3) Type 'REGSVR32 WebGrabber.DLL'

That will register the WebGrabber engine with the operating system.


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